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 Salt Water 

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We have everything you need to bring the ocean to you!


At Tropic Isle we have the largest array of salt-water fish and invertebrates in all of the New England area.  At any time we carry everything from tanks, plumbing parts and filters, to test kits, live rock and of course....all of our exotic creatures.  Whether you're looking for shrimps, anglers, seahorses, angels, tangs, gobies, blennies, sharks and even the occasional octopus,  every trip to Tropic Isle is an exciting learning adventure to see what new creatures we have for you to purchase!  Bring your family, friends, and coworkers to explore our   marine aquatic creatures and choose what  most interests you! From all of us here at Tropic Isle Aquarium, have a fishtastic day!

We sell a variety of live rock to help build that new salt-water aquarium, or add a new aqua-scape to your already established tank!


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