Current Plant Inventory 


(Last updated11/21/20)

Live Plants (Lowlight:L, Medium: M, High Light H)

Amazon Swords (M+) Large, Medium & Small

Red Rubin Swords (M+):

Frans Stoffels Swords (M+):

Red Flame Swords(M+):

Ruffle Swords (M+):

Kleiner Bar Swords (M+):

St. Elmo's Fire sword (M+):

Rosette Swords (M+):

Lace Java Fern (L+):

Java Fern (L/LM+)

Anubias barteri potted (L+):

Anubias hastifolia potted (L+):

Anubias frazeri potted(L+):

Anubias nana petite potted(L+):

Anubias nanji (L+)

Anubias nancon (L+) Anubias Nanji (L+)

Anubias nanji Large (L)

Anubias nana petite

Anubias nana coffefolia

Hornwort (M+):

Wisteria (LM/M+)

Pellia Portion (golf ball size) LM

Cryptocoryne bronze potted (LM+):

Cryptocoryne undulata (LM+):

Cryptocoryne Assorted (LM+)

Rotala indica(M+):

Rotala nanjenshan (M/MH+)

Baby Tears MH+ (2 types)

Red Root Floater (M+):

Brazilian Pennywort (M+):

Water Sprite (M+)

Wisteria (M+)

Dwarf Sagittaria subulata (M+)

Moss Balls (M+) *Great for Bettas!

Banana Plants (M+) *Great for Bettas!

Apon. Ulvaceus Bulbs (M+)

Apon Madagascar Lace Bulbs (M+)

Apon. longiplumulosis Bulbs (M+)

Aponogeton Crispus (M+)

Microsword (M/MH+)

N.L. Microsword (M/MH+)

Red Ludwigia (Repens) (M/H+)

Vesuvius Chain Sword (M+)

Bacopa caroliniana (M+)

Bacopa australis (M+)

Hygrophila angustifolia (M+)

Broad Leaf Ludwigia (M/H+)

Cyperus Helferi (M+)

Contortion Vallisneria (asiatica) (M+)

Jungle Vallisneria (M+)

Myrio Filigree (M+)

Christmas Moss (M+)

Java Moss (LM+)



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