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Current Plant Inventory 

(Last updated 5/19/2022)

Live Plants (Lowlight:L, Medium: M, High Light H)

Amazon Swords (M+) Large, Medium & Small

Anubias barteri potted (L+):

Anubias frazeri potted(L+):

Anubias hastifolia potted (L+):

Anubias nana coffefolia

Anubias nana petite potted(L+):

Anubias nanji potted (L+)

Anubias nanji on driftwood (L+)

Aponogeton Crispus (M+)

Swirled Bamboo (LM+)

Broad Leaf Ludwigia (M/H+)

Broad Leaf Chain Sword (M+)

Christmas Moss (M+)

Cryptocoryne bronze potted (LM+):

Cryptocoryne Parva (LM+)

Cryptocoryne undulata (LM+):

Contortion Vallisneria (LM+):

Dwarf Hairgrass  (M/MH+)

Eliocaldron (M/MH+)

Hygrophila angustifolia (M+)

Java Fern (L/LM+)

Java Moss (LM+)

Jungle Vallisneria (M+)

Lace Java Fern (L+):

Mini Dwarf Hairgrass (M/MH+)

Monte Carlo (M/MH+)

Myrio Filigree (M+)

Narrow Leaf (N.L) Chain Sword (M+)

Narrow Leaf Ludwigia (M+)

N.L. Microsword (M/MH+)

Pellia  (LM)

Rangeri Sword (M+): (small & Large)

Red Flame Swords(M+):

Red Root Floater (M+):

Rosette Swords (M+):

Rotala Indica (M+)

Rotala nanjenshan (M/MH+)

Water Lettuce Rosettes (M/MH+)

Vesuvius Chain Sword (M+)

Water Sprite (M+)

Wisteria (M+)

Assorted Marginal/bog/Pond plants to grow in high humidity or out of the tank:

*Dwarf Egyptian Papyrus

*Maidens Fern

*Peace Lillies

*Swirled Bamboo



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